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9 Frequently Asked Questions about PRP Hair Treatment

Q : Is PRP permanent solution to hair fall?

A : PRP is an excellent option for hair fall and has been shown to help strengthen existing hair as well as slow the progression of hair loss. A series of treatments is always recommended for best results and maintenance treatments are also ideal to prolong results.

Q : Is there any side effects?

A : Since PRP uses one’s own blood, it has no side effects. One may experience minimal pain and pinpoint bleeding while injections are administered.

Q : what is the success rate of PRP treatment?

A : PRP has very good success rate depending on the cause and duration of hair loss. PRP helps to slow or reverse the process of hair loss but it is not going to put hair follicles into scalp where no follicles remain.

Q : What is the cost of PRP treatment?

A : Cost of PRP depends on the technique being used. The cost can vary from a nothing between INR 3,500 to 24,000 per session.

Q : Does PRP treatment really prevent hair loss?

A : PRP treatment is great for treating early stages of hair loss in both men and women. PRP works best for treating thinning hair and slowing or stopping the progression of hair loss, it also increases the volume of hair and hair growth.

Q : How many PRP sessions are needed?

A : No of sessions also depend on the technique employed and the physiological health condition of the patient. Generally, after 3-4 treatment sessions at monthly intervals, new hair growth is noticed.

Q : How long PRP treatment lasts?

A : PRP is best in early stages of thinning, combined with other treatment modalities and regular maintenance therapy, PRP treatment would last for a long time. It also depends on the maintenance by the individual and regular follow up visits, along with sessions, if required.

Q : Is it suitable for all?

A : PRP is safe for Most of the individuals, however, there are a few contraindications:

  • Platelet and blood disorders
  • Cancer, chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • Acute and chronic infections
  • Anti- coagulation therapy
  • Platelet and blood disorders
  • pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • use of steroids

Q : How long does it take to show results?

A : After 3-4 treatments have been completed at monthly intervals you will begin to see new hair growth. PRP stimulates hair growth but the results take time. You should not expect visible results before you have completed this treatment cycle. Thereafter the hair growth will continue. You will see significant growth beginning at 3 months and continuing thereafter. Patients should seriously consider maintenance session at 6 month intervals to maintain their hair regrowth, which again depends on the external maintenance and also internal physiological conditions of the body which again changes from individual to individual.